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Sergio Rodrigues

Brazil, 1961

Frame and seat in solid Brazilian Cherry in 5 different tones with varnish finish or in solid Imbuia wood with clear varnish or stain finish. Adjustable belt leather webbing support. Upholstery: Polyurethane with polyester fibre.

Rodrigues' most iconic piece, the 'Mole' armchair (meaning "soft" in Portuguese) was designed in 1961. Robust and extremely comfortable, the 'Mole' sparked an international design trend that favored comfort, and a new attention to scale. It was awarded first prize at the IV Furniture Bienal in Italy. This chair invites relaxation and coziness, offering a comfort reminiscent of a hammock. The chair is comprised of a solid rounded wood frame, adjustable leather support straps and a floppy, over•sized luxurious leather cushion.

d 1,20 x 1,05 x h 0,82 seat 45 cm

Code: #9945

Mole Armchair

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